Computer questions and answers for assam govt job exam 2024

 অসম চৰকাৰৰ চাকৰি পৰীক্ষাৰ বাবে কম্পিউটাৰ প্ৰশ্ন আৰু উত্তৰ

1. Computer literacy day in the world is celebrated on -

a) November 2nd
b) January 4th
c) December 10th
d) December 2nd
Ans:- d) December 2nd

2. Choose the input device from the following options:

a) Keyboard
b) Mouse
c) Digital Camera
d) All Options
Ans:- d) All Options

3. Another name of Junk Email is:

a) Virus
b) Hacker
c) Spam
d) Spoof
Ans:- c) Spam

4. In Computer memory units one nibble is equal to:

a) 4 KB
b) 4 byte
c) 8 bits
d) 4 bits
Ans:- d) 4 bits

5. Physical parts of the Computer that we can see and are called:

a) Physical Parts
b) Hardware
c) Software
d) Physical Components
Ans:- b) Hardware

6. Which part of the CPU performs mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication?

a) Arithmetic Unit
b) Control Unit
c) Math Unit
d) Logic Unit
Ans:- a) Arithmetic Unit

7. Choose the full form of WWW from the given options:

a) Wide Web Webs
b) World Wide Web
c) World Word Web
d) Webs Word Wide
Ans:- b) World Wide Web

8. Which of the following network is confined to a small area such as within a city?

a) MAN
b) LAN
c) WAN
d) Internet
Ans:- b) LAN

9. A Computer cannot boot without -

a) System Software
b) Application Software
c) MS Office
d) Keyboard
Ans:- a) System Software

10. Choose the full form of RAM -

a) Random Access Memory
b) Read Access Memory
c) Reverse Access Memory
d) Random Art Memory
Ans:- a) Random Access Memory

11. Which of the following is the most powerful Computer which provides services to other computers connected with it?

a) Client
b) PC
c) Server
d) Mainframe Computer
Ans:- c) Server

12. Which of the following is the main memory of the Computer?

a) RAM
b) ROM
c) Cache
Ans:- a) RAM

13. After processing input Computer gives us some useful information called:

a) Input
b) Output
c) Information
d) Storage
Ans:- b) Output

14. Unauthorized access of other user's personal data is known as:

a) Hacking
b) Spamming
c) Stealing
d) Copying
Ans:- a) Hacking

15. Choose the correct definition of Internet:

a) Internet enables us to access
b) A globally connected network that users TCP/IP
c) Internet is a type of Network
d) All Options
Ans:- d) All Options

16. Latest generation of Computer uses which kind of technology:

a) Artificial Intelligence
b) Nanotechnology
c) Parallel Processing
d) All Options
Ans:- d) All Options

17. In MS Word is an additional margin given to a page to compensate the part of the paper which is hidden by the binding process:

a) Gutter Margin
b) Binding Margin
c) Additional Margin
d) Extra Margin
Ans:- a) Gutter Margin

18. Choose the system software from the following options:

a) MS Office
b) Need For Speed
c) MS Windows
d) Adobe Illustrator
Ans:- c) MS Windows

19. Text, Picture or signatures that appear behind the document are known as:

a) Watermark
b) Cross Mark
c) Tick Mark
d) Signature Mark
Ans:- a) Watermark

20. Choose the modern files System used in MS Windows:

a) FAT
c) MS-Dos
d) FAT 32
Ans:- b) NTFS

21. Choose the software which is used to open and send emails -

a) ISP
b) Browser
c) MS Excel
d) MS Word
Ans:- b) Browser

22. Choose the correct full form of ALU -

a) Arithmetic and Logic Unit
b) Array and Logic Unit
c) Automatic and Logic Unit
d) Arithmetic and Logic Union
Ans:- a) Arithmetic and Logic Unit

23. Choose the secondary storage device -

a) USB
c) Hard Disk
d) All options
Ans:- d) All options

24. Who gave us the idea that a program can be stored in an electronic memory?

a) John Von Neumann
b) Charles Babbage
c) Bill Gates
d) Steve Jobs
Ans:- a) John Von Neumann

25. Which technology was used in the first generation of computers?

a) ICS
b) CPU
c) Transistors
d) Vacuum Tubes
Ans:- d) Vacuum Tubes

26. Set of instruction given to an electronic machine for a specific task is known as -

a) Software
b) Physical Components
c) Hardware
d) Physical Parts
Ans:- a) Software

27. The main purpose of a computer is to - 

a) Give us useful information
b) Convert input into output
c) Convert data into information
d) All options
Ans:- d) All options

28. The computer directly understands only -

a) English
b) Hindi
c) Urdu
d) 0 or 1
Ans:- d) 0 or 1

29. By default in Microsoft Excel 2016 how many sheet tabs are available?

a) 3
b) 10
c) 5
d) 11
Ans:- a) 3

30. Which component of the computer is responsible for performing arithmetic and logic operations?

a) RAM
b) CPU
c) ROM
d) System Unit
Ans:- b) CPU

31. Which of the following is non-volatile memory?

a) ROM
b) RAM
d) All options
Ans:- a) ROM

32. Main component of fifth-generation computer is -

a) ULSI microprocessors with AI
b) Transistors
c) Vacuum Tubes
d) Processor
Ans:- a) ULSI microprocessors with AI

33. In Spreadsheet software, every formula is started by - 

a) @
b) =
c) +
d) *
Ans:- b) =

34. Choose the correct cell range format from A1 to G5 -

a) 1A: 5:G
b) A1:G5
c) 1A: 5:G
d) A:1:5G
Ans:- b) A1:G5

35. Choose the parts of the central processing unit (CPU) ?

a) Control Unit
b) Arithmetic Unit
c) Logic Unit
d) All Options
Ans:- d) All Options

36. Which application software is used to access webpages and websites on the Internet?

a) Browser
b) Search Engine
c) MS Access
d) MS PowerPoint
Ans:- a) Browser

37. ___ directs and manage different computer hardware components operations and controls them.

a) Antivirus
b) Operation system
c) Browser
d) MS Office
Ans:- b) Operation system

38. Choose the main unit of the computer from the following options -

a) RAM
b) ROM
c) Cache
d) CPU
Ans:- d) CPU

39) What kind of operations is performed by a personal Computer?

a) Processing Operation
b) Input Operation
c) Output Operation
d) All options
Ans:- d) All options

40. Choose the smallest font size available in Microsoft Word 2016 -

a) 10
b) 72
c) 8
d) 11
Ans:- c) 8

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