Assam Geography questions and answers / অসমৰ ভূগোলৰ কিছু প্ৰশ্নোত্তৰ


1. Which of the following is the largest coalfield in Assam?

Ans:- Makum.

2. In which year the Project Tiger in Manas National Park was started?

Ans:- 1973.

3. In which year Kaziranga National Park became the Tiger reserve?

Ans:- 2006.

4. Which part of the Assam receives very little rainfall?

Ans:- Lumding.

5. Full form of APFBCS?

Ans:- Assam Project on Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Society.

6. Where is the Assam Co-operative Jute Mills Ltd located in?

Ans:- Silghat.

7. The total number of Development Blocks in Assam?

Ans:- 219.

8. The Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden was established in?

Ans:- 1957.

9. Which of the following is a type of rice that has the highest production and also the highest area under cultivation in Assam?

Ans:- Winter Rice [শালি ধান].

10. Area wise rank of Assam among North Eastern State is?

Ans:- 2nd.

11. What is the name of river Tsangpo in Arunachal Pradesh?

Ans:- Dihang.

12. Dikrong river flows through - ?

Ans:- Lakhimpur District Only.

13. Which of the following city of Assam is called the city of eternal romance?

Ans:- Tezpur.

14. The rank of Assam among the Indian States in Terms of Crude Oil production is - ?

Ans:- Third.

15. The origin of the Barak river lies in -?

Ans:- Barail Range.

16. Which Country is located in the North of Assam?

Ans:- Bhutan.

17. The inter-state boundary between Assam and Tripura is marked by river called?

Ans:- Longai.

18. Chirang District doesn't share border with ?

Ans:- Nalbari District.

19. Which relief feature protects Assam from cold polar winds in Winter?

Ans:- Himalayas.

20. Which National Park is the largest in Assam?

Ans:- Manas.

21. Which is the largest south bank tributary of the Brahmaputra river?

Ans:- Kopili.

22. Which of the following places is the site of rain forest in Assam and in which district?

Ans:- Jeypore [Dibrugarh].

23. The population density per sq km in Assam according to the 2011 census is?

Ans:- 398.

24. Which of the following districts of Assam does not have any international boundary with Bangladesh?

Ans:- Hilakandi.

25. The river Brahmaputra called in Tibet ?

Ans:- Tsangpo.

26. What is the meaning of Tsangpo?

Ans:- Purifier.

27. Pink Granite has been discovered in which hill of Goalpara district?

Ans:- Ajagar Hills.

28. Assam is not a traditional growing area of which of the following crop?

Ans:- Tobacco.

29. How much area of India is covered by Assam?

Ans:- 2.39%

30. The town Barpeta is famous for?

Ans:- Ivory Products.

31. The length of Assam-Bangladesh Border is ?

Ans:- 263 km.

32. Which of the following is the highest peak in Karbi Plateau?

Ans:- Singhasan.

33. The major reserves of limestone are in __ and __ districts of Assam.

Ans:- Dima Hasao and Karbi Anglong.

34. Which of the following is the smallest National Park in Assam?

Ans:- Orang National Park.

35. What is the other name of Bordoichila or Pre-Monsoon in Assam?

Ans:- Tea Shower.

36. How many districts of Assam share inter state border?

Ans:- 24.

37. In which district the "Sri Surya Pahar" is located?

Ans:- Goalpara.

38. Rudrasagar Oil field was discovered in ?

Ans:- 1960.

39. Assam falls in which climate region?

Ans:- Tropical Monsoon Climate.

40. Physiography of Assam can be divided into how many types?

Ans:- Three.

41. Which town is also known as the Manchester of Assam?

Ans:- Sualkuchi.

42. How many districts in Barak Valley?

Ans:- Three. Cachar, Hailakandi, Karimganj.

43. Purnima Devi Barman from Assam is well known for the conservation effort of which of the following species?

Ans:- Greater Adjutant Stork.

44. Total number of districts that are on the bank of Brahmaputra river is?

Ans:- 22.

45. Which river flows through the northern part of the Kaziranga National Park?

Ans:- Brahmaputra.

46. Which of the following place is called as the Navadweep of Assam?

Ans:- Nalbari.

47. Of the total production of Muga, the Golden Silk in the World Assam produces?

Ans:- 99%

48. Border Areas Development Programme (BADP) covers - ?

Ans:- 8 Districts of Assam.

49. Oak Tasar a wild silkworm is found in which of the following districts in Assam?

Ans:- Dima Hasao.

50. The approximate share of Assam in India's annual production of Tea is -? 

Ans:- 53%

51. Red Laterite Soils are found in which of the following areas of Assam?

Ans:- Karbi Hills and Dima Hasao.

52. Which of the following is a headstream of the Brahmaputra river?

Ans:- Dihang.

53. When did B.T.A.D. established?

Ans:- 10 February, 2003

54. Brahmaputra, after joining Tista river is known as - ?

Ans:- Jamuna.

55. The Chandubi Lake was formed in which year due to earthquake?

Ans:- 12th June, 1897

56. Which of the following thermal power station is not run by APGCL?

Ans:- Bongaigaon Thermal Power Station.

57. According to 2011 census which of the following district of Assam has the highest sex ratio?

Ans:- Baksa.

58. In which of the following districts of Assam, the number of Large and Medium Scale Industries (LMSI) is highest?

Ans:- Kamrup (M).

59. Which district of Assam has the highest proportion of scheduled castes population as per 2011 census ?

Ans:- Cachar.

60. Which river separates Karbi Plateau from Naga Hills?

Ans:- Dhanshiri.

61. Which is the largest wetland in Assam?

Ans:- Son Beel Lake.

62. The highest concentration of forest in the state of Assam occours?

Ans:- Karbi Anglong.

63. Coal was discovered in Assam in which of the following year?

Ans:- 1825.

64. Tropical wet evergreen forest are predominantly found in which of the following protected areas?

Ans:- Dehing Patkai National Park.

65. Which of the following tribe of Assam has the largest size of population next to the Bodo's is?

Ans:- The Mising.

66. In which year Crude Oil was drilled in Assam for the first time?

Ans:- 1889.

67. Which schedule of Indian Constitution deals with administration of tribal areas in Assam?

Ans:- Sixth.

68. Which department is engaged in minerals exploration in the state of Assam?

Ans:- Directorate of Geology and Mining.

69. Which of the following is known as the Kameng in Arunachal Pradesh ?

Ans:- Jia Bharali.

70. What is the total area of Barak Valley?

Ans:- 6922 KM Square.

71. Which of the following North Eastern State shares the longest boundary with Assam?

Ans:- Meghalaya.

72. Which one is the highest peak in Assam Himalaya?

Ans:- Namcha Barwa.

73. Assam has common boundary with how many Indian States?

Ans:- 7 State.

74. Who is the Chairman of the Assam project on Forest and Biodiversity conservation society?

Ans:- Chief Secretary to Govt of Assam.

75. The Naranarayan Setu over the Brahmaputra connects the districts?

Ans:- Bongaigaon and Goalpara.

76. Which of the following river doesn't originate in the hills of Arunachal?

Ans:- Kolong River.

77. Which of the following is the first North Eastern State carved out of Assam as a full fledged State?

Ans:- Nagaland.

78. When did Kaziranga declared as a UNESCO world Heritage site?

Ans:- 1985.


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